EMAIL: If you receive an email from Kitty Duffy telling you your login has expired, do not click on the link and do not worry about your login. It has not expired. This is some kind of scam email.

Login changes: Your login for Marx Library and Biomedical Library databases will soon be changing. Your login name will be your J Number and your password will be the same as your jagmail password.

Access to electronic reserve and to online databases is limited by the University of South Alabama Libraries' licenses with vendors to current faculty, students and staff. If you get a bad username and password message, you may not be entitled to access. Alumni, Courtesy Card holders and SOUTHmed members are not entitled to access our online databases remotely because this violates our licenses with database vendors who do not allow us to sell access to their products.If you think you received the message in error, contact the Library at

Login name : Last name + first two letters of first name.
Elvis Presley's login name would be presleyel
                Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's login name would be abdul-jabbarka
                Eddie Van Halen's login name would be van halened

Password:   J Number (INCLUDE the initial J00)
or Library Barcode

to top of page NOTE: If your login name doesn't work, try these fixes:
  1. If your name has a suffix such as Jr. or III, try typing your last name with a comma then a space then the suffix plus the first two letters of your first name. Example: doe, jrjo
  2. If your first name is usually an initial, your login may be your last name plus your first initial. Example: j charles doe's login would be doej
  3. If your name has a prefix such as de in front of it, example: de Leon, try it both with and without the space between the de and the rest of the name: example: deleon.
  4. If your last name, has a prefix that commonly has a period, such as St. John, try including the period and the space.
Students: the barcode is the number on the back of your id card.
Faculty and Staff: your barcode is on the front of your library card.

USA Online may cause problems with remote access. Use the Libraries' homepages at (University Library) and (Biomedical Library) instead.

Cookies must be enabled in order for remote access to work. For more on cookies see, Databases and Cookies. For information about deleting cookies, see Deleting Cookies.

For more on remote access and common problems with it, see Accessing Library Resources Off Campus. The single most common problem with remote access involves Internet Explorer. To fix it:

  • From the menu at the top of IE, select Tools
  • Select Internet Options
  • Select the Privacy tab
  • This is probably set to Medium; change to the Low setting
  • You may need to exit Internet Explorer and open it again.

The Low setting still restricts some cookies -- those that provide personal information and those that don't have a compact privacy policy.

If you still have problems with remote access, email the University Library at or call 251-460-7938. To get in touch with the Biomedical Library, email or call 251-460-7044.

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